Tax Lien & Assignment Information

Please contact the County Treasurer for information regarding the purchase of County tax liens.

Madison County Tax Lien Purchase Policy

Tax lien purchases can be made in person or by mail.

If two tax payments for lien purchases arrive the same day in the mail; the one with the earliest postage date will be chosen. If postmarked the same day, we will put several numbers in a cup and have a random employee draw. The highest number chosen will get to purchase the tax lien certificate.

Customers at the counter will be first come first serve for tax lien purchases. If two customers arrive at the same time we will follow the same process as payments received via mail.

Attorney Assistance

If you are unfamiliar with Montana Law you will need the assistance of an attorney. All necessary paper work must be in our office before an assignment can be issued. If you have any questions on the paper work required, you may want the assistance of an attorney.

Please contact our office before you send out the “Two Week Notice”, required by law, to the property owner.