Fingerprint Information

Fingerprint Information at the Madison County Sheriff Office

I. The Madison County Sheriff's Office will do fingerprints for the public upon appointment.
The majority of appointments will be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays

II. The applicant fingerprint cards that we offer are the FD-258. FD-258 are the standard applicant fingerprint card for most situations (sometimes federal positions require a different card which should be mailed directly to the applicant). 

III. The cost for up to four fingerprint cards is $10.00 as long as the cards are all for the same entity.  If you need two cards for one entity and one card for another entity the cost will be $20.00.  

If you have specific questions, please call the Detention staff at 1-406-843-5301.


  • Don't put lotion on prior to arrival for fingerprints (this may create smudging)
  • Please remove any band aids if they are on for minor cuts
  • Notify the Detention staff is your fingers or joints are painful