How long does the process take?
The typical time frame for completing a subdivision is approximately 5 to 6 months for preliminary plat review and decision. However, this varies greatly with each individual subdivision. If preliminary plat approval is granted, the sub-divider has a period of 3 calendar years to complete the final plat. A 1-year extension may be granted by the County Commission.

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1. What is a subdivision?
2. What are major, minor, and subsequent minor subdivisions?
3. What are the differences between a Major and Minor Subdivision?
4. What is the first step in the subdivision process?
5. What documents are needed during the subdivision application and review process?
6. What county departments are involved in the process?
7. What types of professionals should the subdivider include on the project team?
8. How long does the process take?
9. What does preliminary plat approval mean?
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